Diane O'Dell

The Gyrotonic exercise method is unlike any other exercise program I have tried and I am living proof that it works. It adapts to different bodies and levels of fitness and helps people learn to move their bodies in the most efficient, comfortable and fluid way possible. I became a Gyrotonic instructor because I believe in the system and I love teaching. Helping someone find that "ah ha" moment gives me great joy no matter what the students' age or current ability.

I discovered the Gyrotonic exercise method when my body wasn't working so well and needed help.  Doctors, physical therapists and movement education professionals were able to find pieces to my body's current puzzle but they were not able to identify all of the obstacles keeping me from feeling my best.  I was concerned that I was loosing hard earned muscle tone and asked if there was anything else I could try. Included in the list of possible options was the Gyrotonic exercise method.

This fitness method focuses on the spirals, fasciae, ligaments and tendons in the body to help with alignment, strength, flexibility, body awareness and energy. It has weights. It is a coordinated body/mind type workout AND it incorporates many of the same movements found in swimming, dance, tai chi, breath-work and yoga.  These are things many health and fitness professionals tout as being very good for you. 

After EVERY SINGLE SESSION, I felt better and began to be more aware of the kinesthetic spirit of movement within my body.  Not only did I feel stronger and more flexible, but I was also gaining a greater understanding of the way my body moves most efficiently.  Plus, because I was learning something new that takes focus, the Gyrotonic exercise method also proved to be a great stress reliever. 

I discovered the Gyrotonic exercise method though a desire to rehabilitate my body. However, I really wish that I had found it before something twanged. If I had, I might have avoided injury.  I have clients who come to me with back, hip, neck, shoulder, arm and fybromyalgia challenges who have found relief working with the equipment.  In addition to helping folks put together the pieces of their own body puzzles, it is a great workout for athletes or anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of how their body moves. That depth of understanding can improve your game, reduce the risk of possible injury and make you feel lighter and more graceful.

So now, I'm a Certified Instructor with a mission to help you work your bodypuzzle and discover the spirit of movement.  Email me at Diane@bodypuzzle.com to set up a session to stretch, strengthen, relax and experience what Gyrotonic moves can do for you.

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