What Do Clients Say?

It’s like nothing else you’ve ever tried before.
N. Seiler (Consultant)

Focused, energizing, spa-like. 
Maria Faires (Registered Dietitian & Personal Trainer)

The GYROTONIC® exercise method is a wonderful and relaxing way to build strength and flexibility. Diane makes it easy and welcoming for individuals with all levels of fitness.
L.Hunter (CPA)

No pain, no strain, but I could tell my muscles had been worked in a way that “tested” them. In other words, there has been a sensation of a workout, but without stress. It made me realize how much I really need to work my body in a systematic way...Thank you so much for the gifts of your time, skill and caring.
D. LaVonne (Chef & Martial Artist)

I appreciate how Diane is able to find different ways
to help me visualize a movement. She makes me feel
comfortable and positive about my progress.

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® has made me move and
be aware of muscles that I don't normally use.

It seems like a mix between yoga,
ballet, weight lifting, and Pilates.

P. Heibert (Natural Products Distributor)

...after my GYROTONIC® lesson yesterday, everything in my body is saying to me Ohhh, Okay, I get it now! I felt so good and kind of energized because my body seems to be getting fit. Wow! I just thought you would like to know that it's really working for me and I like the fact that I'm more aware of my posture too.  It felt good to work out my kinks and stiff shoulders, and I felt much more relaxed when I left than when I arrived! Thanks!!

It's always an adventure to come and see what new things you have
in store for me and I feel so nice and loose after using the machine.

H. Rose (Artist)

You’ve just got to try it!
M. Shimer (Senior Fitness Enthusiast)

A Revolution in Fitness!
Personal Instruction for Your Unique Physique
in the GYROTONIC® exercise method

BodyPuzzle Sammamish, WA