It is an amazing exercise method that offers some of the same benefits that dance, swimming, yoga, tai chi, physical therapy and weight training provide.  Clients claim to feel more fit, flexible, balanced, coordinated, stronger, taller, energized, focused, graceful, fluid and relaxed. The Gyrotonic Expansion System offers a workout that allows you to learn how your body can move more efficiently and comfortably whether you are an athlete, someone just starting to exercise or searching for relief and looking to rehabilitate. It is a gentle, flowing, workout system that can be customized to work with each individual's unique physique. Unlike many other exercise systems that work primarily with the linear motions of your body, GYROTONIC® movements focus on working your body's natural circular motions to help you stretch, strengthen and relax.


For information about private personal training in the
GYROTONIC® exercise method, email Diane@BodyPuzzle.com